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7″ records

February 13, 2016

So I am selling stuff on Ebay here is chunk of punk, hardcore, rock, & emo, records from the Tri-state 90s era to kick things off. I plan to list a ton more records and other stuff hoping to fund myself back into a creative plavce. These 7″ got to go all starting at .99. follow my


Drill for absentee,corm, the getup kids, coalesce, the cupid car club, rancid, bad religion, screaming females, bright eyes, give me danger,man is bastard, falling forward, elliot, garden variety, hot water music, rydell, draft, lincoln, hoover, current, still life, grey house, fabric, dahlia seed, strength 691,samuel, merel, the promise ring, kerosene 454, the measure, 1.6 band, lifetime, fuel, jawbreaker, weston, chisel, depeche mode, mile marker, railhed, standpoint, ordination of aaron, the ergs, texas is the reason, the cure, detention, damnation ad, scream hello, the voodoo love gods, barrit, irony of lightfoot, christmas, fiendz, the glands of external secretion, swing kids, the hades kick, sevens, lincoln, born against, copper, human remains, the clash, heroin, cerberus shoal, postmarked stamps no.2, the locust, arab on radar, angel hair, J church, un split amigo, gaslight anthem, macabre, delmar


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